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Frank (FRANX) Barbara

---------------Graphic Artist/Illustrator---------------

Connect with FRANX using any or all of the social media links to the left or feel free to use the thingy below to send him a direct message.  Ask whatever you like, or just say hello :)  So long as he's convinced you're not spam, he will absolutely reply...  He's very friendly/lonely...

FRANX is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  He draws pictures for a living and likes chess, the board game, not cheese the dairy food item. He has nothing against cheese he just wouldn’t consider his fondness for it particularly significant enough to mention here.  His style, while broad and eclectic, is often steeped in a healthy sense of humor and sexy sexy detail.  He’s produced artwork for a multitude of small, medium and large companies.  His work has appeared in many well known publications.  He’s won numerous awards, designed well over a thousand graphic t-shirt prints and self-published a few books of his own.

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